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Broadcast Love

At this time of sharing and renewal, be sure to maintain connection with the Source of everything. Be a beacon of love and compassion for those in need, not only of food and shelter, but of spiritual sustenance. Broadcast comfort and joy; absorb and cleanse any negativity, sadness, or hatred you encounter. Release ego's need to magnify and wallow in the misfortunes of yourself and others. Be compassionate but focus on infusing Love and hope into your own space and others'. Allow the sustaining light of Spirit to shine through you for the benefit of the whole world.

The End Is Simple

All paths to Oneness are blessed. Each of us must find a way to detach from superficial worldliness in order to approach Truth undistracted. However, it is important that the path itself does not become a distraction. Those practices and beliefs that help us find the road less travelled can eventually become encumbrances upon the Way. Be wary of attachments to rites, doctrines and paraphernalia. Spirit's goal is the ultimate simplicity of Oneness in perfect Love. All ritual, all superstition must fall away until one is found nameless and naked before God. At the moment when all differentiation ceases, Oneness becomes the sole point of awareness. Then only does the soul exult in the attainment of pure unity with All That Is, and dissolve in fundamental welcoming Love.
There is nothing you can change about your circumstances or surroundings that will make a lasting improvement in your life. Peace and happiness can only be found within yourself, so if you lack them, it is yourself you must change.

Dealing With Negative Energies

It doesn't matter if the whole world seems charged with negative energy. Chances are this is only an illusion caused by some unresolved conflict within you. Let go of that problem and it will cease to give out the negative vibrations that are clouding your vision. If the negativity is external, it may still be localized so you can easily move away from it. Or you may choose to remain and overpower negativity by casting your own penetrating illumination into the darkness. With practice, you can create a zone of clean, positive energy around you at all times, so that you always exist in that environment and serve as a beacon to others. However you choose to deal with negative energies, remember that reality is the Self, the Self is God, and God is Love.

No Limitations

Limitations don't mean anything until you reach them.  Why tell yourself that you can't do this or will never attain that goal, if you haven't given all you can give to the effort?  We are all capable of far more than the small self wants us to believe. That negative voice has its own agenda, and it is not love, peace, and contentment. 
The small self is run by ego, and paradoxically in most of us ego would rather complain about failure than attempt success. Failure is something we can have right now, while achievement requires focus, effort, and in many cases, sacrifice of immediate gratification of base appetites. The more we live in the ego, the more we give ourselves over to indulgence, resentment, and self-pity. We create limitations out of our own imaginations to justify staying stuck in the comfortable wallow ego creates for us.
The illusion of limitation is nowhere more evident than in the realm of spiritual growth. We have embedded ourselves in a web of images that …

Responding to Negativity

When someone is exhibiting anger, dislike, or other negative emotions toward you, you may feel that you want to respond in kind.  Most likely, however, that person's negative feelings are actually directed at himself and merely displaced upon you.  Compassion, not anger, is the appropriate response. You may feel he or she is trying to goad you into a negative response. However, it is actually your own ego that is goading you. No one else can goad you if you are mindful and your higher self is in control of your emotions and, especially, your ego.

Foundations of Spiritual Growth

Study, meditation, mindfulness and intention all foster spiritual growth. 


It is true that each of us has direct access to truth through the higher Self.  However, before we can learn to channel that truth to our consciousness, most of us require the guidance and encouragement that we derive from studying the works of spiritual masters of the past and present.  The more diverse our sources of wisdom, the better, because no one teacher, no matter how great, has been able to translate spiritual truth into human language perfectly or completely.  By studying the ancient teachings of Jesus and the Buddha, Krishna and Lao Tsu, the recent teachings of such masters as Ramana Maharshi, Joel Goldsmith, and Paramahansa Yogananda, the teachings of contemporary masters such as Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama, the interpretations of students and scholars past and present, and the everyday wisdom of the spiritual teachers we encounter daily, we can achieve a holistic understanding that relate…