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The trappings of spirituality

Humans seem to have an inherent need for ceremony. Significant events in our lives are attended by observations of various kinds: birthday parties, weddings, funerals. Each religion has its own collection of ceremonies, whether Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or otherwise. Indeed, sometimes religion seems to exist primarily to provide us with a means of commemorating important occasions.

Spirituality, too, has its ceremonial side. We perform rites of cleansing, invoke goddesses and gods, burn candles and incense, chant mantras. Ceremony brings us comfort. Sharing our beliefs and intentions makes us more confident in our convictions.

There is no harm in celebrating your spirituality. Whatever helps you connect with All That Is is a blessing. However, ceremonies are unnecessary. All that is needed is for you to sit quietly and open your soul to Spirit. In your daily meditation, relax and sense your oneness with Spirit. Feel the God-stuff vibrating in your body. Welcome Universal L…