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Ending Xenophobia

Humans seem to have an innate distrust of others who are different. I believe this distrust - called xenophobia - is instinctive and has an evolutionary basis. I also believe that it is a threat to the survival of humanity, and can only be addressed by spiritual means.
Evolution consists of organisms finding new ways to survive and adapt to their environment. These methods are tested by competition, both between species and between members of the same species. Intra-species competition can be just as bloody and brutal as competition between species. For example, males of some species may fight to the death to secure the ability to mate with females. The stronger male will pass his DNA in this way to his offspring, ensuring that the traits that allowed him to defeat his opponent will be available to future generations. I have heard that a male lion who takes over a pride by battle will kill the male cubs sired by the opponent. This seems odd at first if we think of natural selection as …

Love and spiritual growth

We are all connected by our fundamental Oneness in Spirit. Together we form an intricate web of life energy, and what happens to one part of the web affects other parts. As sentient nodes with free will, each of us can use our connectedness for the benefit or detriment of all.  In particular, we can either support or block the free flow of the healing energy of Love through the channels that connect us to others. Becoming a source and conduit of loving energy benefits the sender and the receiver. Love nourishes the growth of Spirit in the individual, and the more freely it flows, the greater its power to cleanse and brighten the dark corners of the small self and remove obstacles to the flowering of the soul. Love strengthens the bonds between us and helps us understand the importance of the well-being of each individual to the well-being of all.
Ego tries to block the flow of Love because Love is antithetical to its goals. Ego seeks to direct attention to itself to the exclusion of ot…

A Visit From Elvis

I dreamed I met the spirit of Elvis and he greeted me like a brother. “Man,” he said, “it’s good to see you.”
“I’m honored to see you,” I said, “but please tell me where you have been? What is it like there? Do you know how many people there are on Earth who love you and would like to have you back?”
He laughed an Elvis laugh, throwing back his head with a grin. “I am there, just not in the same way. I never left! It’s just that I am everywhere else too. Everywhere, everywhen – it’s impossible to describe. The Universe is a big, exciting, vibrant state of being.”
I was blown away. Elvis clearly had transitioned to a higher plane. My head swam with visions of flying through space and time, communing with other spirits and with the Divine. What unfathomable mysteries had he experienced since leaving our planet behind? What wisdom could he teach me? What questions could I even ask to begin to tap this unexpected source of spiritual knowledge?
“But can you tell me at least a little about wha…

Awareness of the Source of Attitudes

Jealousy and resentment stem entirely from ego and not the higher Self. Ego always seeks to aggrandize itself and belittle others. Self is aware that it and the other are One, and so does not covet what it already possesses through the other. Feelings of envy cause suffering, whether or not they are acted upon. If your consciousness is dominated by ego, then you will be in constant pain as you contemplate the achievements and pleasures enjoyed by others. Conversely, the Self takes satisfaction in the expansion of happiness and the diminution of suffering in the Universe, regardless of how localized or distant that phenomenon may be. Naturally, the ego and the Self also have opposite reactions to the suffering of others. Ego is smugly pleased by the misfortune that passes it by to strike another; Self empathizes with and seeks to ameliorate others'  pain. Observe whether you are acting from ego or from Self in response to the good or ill fortune of others. You must be mindful of th…

Meme #1

A year and a half after posting the meme above, I saw this one:

Ego is not the self

It is essential to accept that the ego is not the self. Only the self can realize this. Therefore, this realization is not possible until the self awakes. As long as the individual remains in the ego-controlled unconscious state, the self cannot be realized. This is the conundrum -- self must be realized in order to become conscious,  but how can the self struggle to escape the grip of ego while the individual is unconscious? The answer must be that self is already realized on some subconscious level, and that it can gain a toehold in conscious awareness that allows it to overcome the restraints of ego and manifest itself in individual awareness. Once the individual is aware of the existence of the genuine self and can compare it to the hollow manifestations of ego, there is no possibility of choosing the path of ego and returning to the unconscious state. While self may not be immediately dominant, it must eventually become so. The process can be encouraged by  the practices of mindf…


The Teacher listened patiently to a woman while she poured out her troubles to him. She described a difficult situation with a certain family member about which she was deeply troubled, but which she felt helpless to change.
The Teacher said to the woman, "I see you are agitated about your relationship with this person. His behavior troubles you and you have no power to change it. You can achieve inner peace despite this situation. However, doing so will require an important change in the way you perceive yourself and the way you interact with the world. This may be difficult, but it is the only way to escape the controlling web of negative emotions in which you are entangled. Let me explain why this change is necessary."

"The first thing I want you to do is to take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and then release it slowly. Focus on the sensation of air flowing into your nostrils, filling your lungs, and then escaping through your nose or mouth. Let this absorb…