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Finding meaning in a random universe

We have a habit of saying, "everything happens for a reason." I don't think that this formulation of the way the universe operates, though superficially comforting, is very helpful. It leaves us looking for meaning in seemingly random events, including those that are on the surface quite terrible. It also causes us to look outside ourselves for explanations that are often unobtainable.
The fact is that many events in this physical universe of ours do not happen for any discernible reason. Even the minority of events that are directly attributable to human choices are as often as not due to random, ego-based impulse. It debases Spirit as well as ourselves to suggest Spirit is carrying out some cosmic agenda that is beyond our comprehension, and that every tragic event that we experience is designed to lead paradoxically to a greater good. We may even choose to abandon the spiritual path rather than accept the notion that Spirit callously imposes pain on us or other beings …

We Are One

Open your heart to me; for I am your Source, the presence of your Being. Open your mind to me, for no thought arises without my making it so. Open your body to me; accept my animating Grace and power. I am the beginning and the end; your Alpha and Omega. You live and move and have your being in Me, Your Creator in this moment and always. We are One, you and I, inseparable As the breath from the air One Unity undivided Coexistent One.