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You cannot always control your circumstances, but you can always refuse to be controlled by them.


Harmonious Oneness

The Teacher said,

"When I say you must find the God within yourself, I do not mean that God is hidden somewhere within you. Every cell in your flesh, every breath in your lungs, every sensation and feeling is God. What is needful is for you to become aware of this. When you meditate, be mindful of the energy that animates you. Feel the vibration of the Universe in your body. Let it resonate through your nerves and your veins. Let that resonance build until your body cannot contain it, and feel it bursting forth into the surrounding Universe. Then be aware that the same energy resonates in every being and every thing, and of the profound harmonies between your vibrations and theirs. Learn to ride those harmonies like ocean waves, to sustain their crescendos, and you will know oneness with the divine."


Drawing Lines

The mind seeks to draw lines between people; the soul seeks to erase those lines.


Live Beautifully

The essence of spiritual living is not to find a beautiful environment in which to live, but to find a way to live beautifully in any environment.

Selfless Love is Self Love

There are those who seem to love and think only of themselves. Fewer are those who seem to take no thought for themselves, but care deeply about others. The truth is that in order to truly love others, it is necessary to also love and care for yourself as a cherished child of God.

I was struck recently by the statement in a recorded lecture that Mother Teresa spent five hours a day in prayer and meditation. That means five hours devoted to developing and maintaining her personal connection with God. Was that selfish? Surely she derived unimaginable bliss from her daily practice. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in close communion with Spirit has felt some intimation of the peace and joy she experienced. Such a daily practice over many years must have opened her soul so wide as to encompass the entire world, and sustained her in her saintly path. She must have seen clearly her place in the heart and mind of God and known God as her beloved, herself as the beloved of God. …