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Awareness of the Source of Attitudes

Jealousy and resentment stem entirely from ego and not the higher Self. Ego always seeks to aggrandize itself and belittle others. Self is aware that it and the other are One, and so does not covet what it already possesses through the other. Feelings of envy cause suffering, whether or not they are acted upon. If your consciousness is dominated by ego, then you will be in constant pain as you contemplate the achievements and pleasures enjoyed by others. Conversely, the Self takes satisfaction in the expansion of happiness and the diminution of suffering in the Universe, regardless of how localized or distant that phenomenon may be. Naturally, the ego and the Self also have opposite reactions to the suffering of others. Ego is smugly pleased by the misfortune that passes it by to strike another; Self empathizes with and seeks to ameliorate others'  pain. Observe whether you are acting from ego or from Self in response to the good or ill fortune of others. You must be mindful of th…