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Teaching release of negativity

The Teacher said,

"When you begin the instruction of a new student, do not tell him to release negativity. He would probably misinterpret your teaching and try to suppress his negative feelings. This is how most people deal with fear, anger, and stress. The result of course is that negativity builds up under pressure, which leads to increased stress, anger, and dis-ease."

" Tell your student instead to express his negative feelings to you. You can absorb and release them, and your student will feel his burden lightened. In this way we teach the student not to deny negativity but to be mindful of it without becoming attached to it. He will no longer need to feel unworthy because of his natural sentiments, by being released they will not fester and grow into bigger problems."

"As he becomes increasingly mindful of his negative thoughts and feelings, he will learn to recognize and release them at an earlier stage, before their destructive power has bee…

There is no negativity

The Teacher said, "Do not say, 'I abandon negativity', for then you are giving respect to a phantom. Say, 'There is no negativity.'"

Love and Acceptance

In our hearts, we all desire love and acceptance more than anything else, and therefore it seems the most natural thing in the world would be for all of us to love and accept each other all the time. So why is true unconditional love so rarely seen?

Sometimes we are separated by fear or distrust. We know and trust our own motivations, but how can we read the mind of another person to know whether he or she will return our love, rather than seeking to take something from us? Who should love first?

We are afraid someone may "take advantage" of us. Yet how can that be so long as we first love ourselves unconditionally? Self-love is not selfish, and it is not sinful. It is in fact a commandment from God. Jesus taught that we should love others as we love ourselves -- not more than we love ourselves, but just as much. Yet he also taught us to love others deeply and unconditionally. He was telling us to have the same complete and unqualified love for ourselves.

If we follow …


The Teacher said, "Argue against these principles. Bring forth every argument you can, and do not cease arguing until your arguments have exhausted themselves. Then you will see the principles still standing before you pristine and untarnished, as shining emblems of eternal Truth."