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Spirit and Politics

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As readers know, Spontaneous Beauty seeks to be in the world, but not of it.  When it comes to politics, this means to be mindful of current events, but not to be so absorbed in them as to lose touch with Spirit. If we have an earthly persona, we must set it aside when we enter this temple of the soul.  Here we speak only from the higher Self, interpreting as best we can the guidance that comes from Spirit through meditation and contemplation. 
To be frank, Spirit does not concern itself with politics. Spirit's only concerns are love and compassion. While the reader may believe this should tilt Spirit in favor of one political position or another, or one candidate or another, Spontaneous Beauty does not find  this to be the case. Spirit allows its love to flow into and through the entire Universe. Moreover, that flow is not hindered by obstacles in the form of individual personalities that do not consciously accept love or c…