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The Source of Healing

The question many people ask is, why are only some people healers if healing comes from Spirit?  This is a conundrum, but it's helpful to recognize that healing manifests spontaneously in the presence of a deep connection with Spirit.  This is why rishis such as Buddha, Jesus, and others were healers. Anyone who is aware of Spiritual connection can heal. Any disturbance of mind or body is merely the result of separation and misperception. A healer perceives the presence of Spirit at all times and in all places, including the mind and body of the subject. By cleansing both of the accretion of egoic beliefs in separation and illness, the healer removes the false perception and the subject perceives himself or herself as no longer ill.
In order to accept healing, the subject must rid himself or herself of attachments to illness. This is not as easy as it sounds, and all of us find something in illness to become attached to. Some use illness as an excuse, others use it to attract atten…