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A Hymn For The Season

Sages of many religions have adopted the phrase "Christ Consciousness" to describe the presence of God in all of us. In that spirit, I offer this hymn for the holiday season.

At this time of celebration, I rejoice in the blessings we all share, that are symbolized by the coming of the Christ into this world.

I celebrate the endless birth of Joy in the world and in my heart.

I celebrate the promise of forgiveness.

I celebrate the all-encompassing Love that surpasses our power to understand.

I celebrate the Oneness of all beings in Spirit.

I celebrate the power of Light to triumph over darkness.

I celebrate the immortal Soul that denies the reality of death.

I declare that Christ Consciousness shines in me and in all beings.

I declare that all beings shall unite in Love in this world and all others.

I declare that Peace glows in every heart.

I proclaim the dominion of Love and Light, and banish darkness and hatred from my Universe.

I proclaim the sovereignty of God's healing power.

I …

"I Don't Care"

Followers of spiritual traditions often seek equanimity. We train ourselves not to feel disturbing emotions, or at the very least not to be swayed by them. We may believe that such feelings have their source in the egoic mind or the physical body and that they are distractions that can lead us astray from our spiritual paths. We may envision our life’s goal as the attainment of perfect detachment, subsiding ultimately into a state of pure awareness that is as undisturbed as a still unruffled pool. There are dangers in this approach, however. Detachment should not properly be regarded as an end in itself, but is at most an attitude that may be useful in attaining a more perfect sense of unity with all that is. Avoiding superficial distractions may help us to focus on our fundamental oneness with the Universe, but we must not detach ourselves from Spirit.

The single-minded pursuit of detachment may actually represent a form of egoism. An individual may wind up so withdrawn into him…

Open Your Heart

Don't pray for God to open your heart; that is your job. God will not enter a closed heart.

Visualize your heart as a lotus or rose opening to the sunshine of Universal Love. As its petals unfold, the Love within you shines forth to merge its radiance with that of the Universe. You are bathed and you bathe others with the brilliant, cleansing light of Love, until nothing but Joy and perfect Being remains. There you rest, your soul at peace in the heart of God.


Define Yourself

Don't buy into any one else's vision of who you are or what your possibilities are. Other people live in their own worlds and their visions define them; they do not define you. You are defined by your own visualization of your unique being and your special opportunities.

Problem free

You are already completely free of problems. Instead of wasting time wishing for problems to go away, realize that they cannot affect you in the essence of your being. This will allow you to deal with material concerns on a practical level without feeling threatened by them or obsessing over them.

The Name of God

Why are some people disturbed by references to God? Of course you can substitute whatever synonym you like in place of the word "God." The meaning will be the same whether you say "Spirit", "the Universe", or "All That Is." The reference is to the Source of all things, of which each being is a part. It is to you and me, and what we are in essence when our separate identities are stripped away. You cannot deny the existence of God without denying your own existence, because there is no difference between yourself and God. If you have a negative reaction to the very word, it may be you do not understand its meaning, or have had bad experiences with people who do not. Or it may be that your mind is doing its mind thing, and resisting awareness of a greater and truer reality.

Troubles are Transitory

We are so often reminded that things are temporary. This is true when people and things we love pass out of our lives, and we have no difficulty comprehending this fact of life. Why do we not regard troubles as equally transitory?


There are times in everyone's life when he or she feels compelled to ask, "Why?" At such times some turn to Spirit for an answer. It is probably true that the great majority of us who engage in spiritual practices first embarked on the Path in search of an answer to some question that ultimately resolves into "why?" Those questions include "Why am I here", "Why do I have these feelings," and the granddaddy of all, "Why did this happen to me?"

Eventually we realize that the question "why" belongs to our human side, to the mind and the small self. It is the mind that sees events happening in the world and needs to understand their causes. Only the mind is attached to concepts of causation and its implicit corollary, fairness. It is the mind that asks, "How can God/Spirit/the Universe do this to me," and that believes "goodness" should be rewarded, or that the Universe is an orderly place in which ind…

Living Without Ego

In the preface to "The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi", Arthur Osborne says of the Maharshi's teaching that "those who asked whether they should renounce the life of the world were always discouraged from doing so. Instead they were enjoined to perform their duties in life without self-interest."

What would it be like to go about your daily activities without self-interest? Ultimately the goal must be freedom from the ego. How would life be different without ego? By ego is meant not just egotism, selfishness and the like, but all manifestations of the small self, eventually even the awareness of separateness. Would it really be possible to perform one's duties in life as a pure manifestation of the greater Self that is the Universal manifestation of All That Is?

A beginning would be to simply practice awareness of the presence of ego and its influence on your actions.

All Healing is Self Healing

The Teacher said,

All healing is self healing. You may use whatever modalities you like; they may have effect in accordance with your intention. But complete healing is not a matter of manipulating local energies, but of cleansing the spirit of the illusions that the subject and the healer are separate beings and that either is separate from God. If you practice Pranic Healing to remove unhealthy energies, on an esoteric level you should actually be seeking to peel back the individual personality and lay bare the Spirit behind the mask. If you focus your attention exclusively on particular ailments or particular parts of the body, you may produce temporary relief from symptoms, but you may actually do long-term harm by reinforcing the illusions of identity and separateness. Therefore, your principal focus should be on greater awareness of the unity of your energies with those of your subject, and the unity of both in God. Do not visualize a perfectly functioning limb or organ, bu…

Spiritual Freedom

Independence Day

Today is Independence Day in the United States, and across the country speakers will be paying tribute to the ideal of freedom. Most will understand this in a social or political sense: as a reference to the freedom of the nation as an independent state; or to the individual freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. It’s worthwhile also, however, to reflect on the greatest freedom of all, which is the freedom of the spirit. This is a freedom that, while sustained and protected by political freedoms, can flourish and grow even in their absence. Indeed, there are many inspiring stories of the power of Spirit to achieve freedom even while enduring oppression, persecution, and torture.

My purpose today is not to pay tribute to those heroic examples, but to examine the ways in which spiritual freedom is accessible to each of us in everyday life. Before discussing the many ways in which spiritual freedom manifests, I want to say a few words about the tools we use to achieve it…

Change your thinking, change your life

One of the most often repeated sayings in the New Thought movement is, "Change your thinking, change your life." Often this is said in explaining the Law of Attraction. It is also a fundamental principle of Religious Science as taught by Ernest Holmes. It has been said that if you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to keep getting what you've always gotten. The same is true of thoughts -- if you keep thinking the same way you always have, then your life will continue along the same track it has always taken.

If you have been plagued by negative thinking for a long time, it is very difficult to change. It's also difficult to internalize the understanding that negative thinking is a self-fulfilling prophecy. A person who always expects the worst is likely to get it. When he does, he is likely to see the outcome as validating his expectations, when in fact it was his expectations that created the outcome. If he can find a way to break this v…

Why are we so interested in the personal lives of celebrities?

The ego is constantly comparing itself to others. It is jealous of everyone, but particularly of attractive, wealthy celebrities. It takes pleasure in the misfortune of anyone, but again, especially celebrities. The ego does not understand that it is reinforcing its own unhappiness by focusing on the misfortunes of others.


You cannot always control your circumstances, but you can always refuse to be controlled by them.


Harmonious Oneness

The Teacher said,

"When I say you must find the God within yourself, I do not mean that God is hidden somewhere within you. Every cell in your flesh, every breath in your lungs, every sensation and feeling is God. What is needful is for you to become aware of this. When you meditate, be mindful of the energy that animates you. Feel the vibration of the Universe in your body. Let it resonate through your nerves and your veins. Let that resonance build until your body cannot contain it, and feel it bursting forth into the surrounding Universe. Then be aware that the same energy resonates in every being and every thing, and of the profound harmonies between your vibrations and theirs. Learn to ride those harmonies like ocean waves, to sustain their crescendos, and you will know oneness with the divine."


Drawing Lines

The mind seeks to draw lines between people; the soul seeks to erase those lines.


Live Beautifully

The essence of spiritual living is not to find a beautiful environment in which to live, but to find a way to live beautifully in any environment.

Selfless Love is Self Love

There are those who seem to love and think only of themselves. Fewer are those who seem to take no thought for themselves, but care deeply about others. The truth is that in order to truly love others, it is necessary to also love and care for yourself as a cherished child of God.

I was struck recently by the statement in a recorded lecture that Mother Teresa spent five hours a day in prayer and meditation. That means five hours devoted to developing and maintaining her personal connection with God. Was that selfish? Surely she derived unimaginable bliss from her daily practice. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in close communion with Spirit has felt some intimation of the peace and joy she experienced. Such a daily practice over many years must have opened her soul so wide as to encompass the entire world, and sustained her in her saintly path. She must have seen clearly her place in the heart and mind of God and known God as her beloved, herself as the beloved of God. …

Teaching release of negativity

The Teacher said,

"When you begin the instruction of a new student, do not tell him to release negativity. He would probably misinterpret your teaching and try to suppress his negative feelings. This is how most people deal with fear, anger, and stress. The result of course is that negativity builds up under pressure, which leads to increased stress, anger, and dis-ease."

" Tell your student instead to express his negative feelings to you. You can absorb and release them, and your student will feel his burden lightened. In this way we teach the student not to deny negativity but to be mindful of it without becoming attached to it. He will no longer need to feel unworthy because of his natural sentiments, by being released they will not fester and grow into bigger problems."

"As he becomes increasingly mindful of his negative thoughts and feelings, he will learn to recognize and release them at an earlier stage, before their destructive power has bee…

There is no negativity

The Teacher said, "Do not say, 'I abandon negativity', for then you are giving respect to a phantom. Say, 'There is no negativity.'"

Love and Acceptance

In our hearts, we all desire love and acceptance more than anything else, and therefore it seems the most natural thing in the world would be for all of us to love and accept each other all the time. So why is true unconditional love so rarely seen?

Sometimes we are separated by fear or distrust. We know and trust our own motivations, but how can we read the mind of another person to know whether he or she will return our love, rather than seeking to take something from us? Who should love first?

We are afraid someone may "take advantage" of us. Yet how can that be so long as we first love ourselves unconditionally? Self-love is not selfish, and it is not sinful. It is in fact a commandment from God. Jesus taught that we should love others as we love ourselves -- not more than we love ourselves, but just as much. Yet he also taught us to love others deeply and unconditionally. He was telling us to have the same complete and unqualified love for ourselves.

If we follow …


The Teacher said, "Argue against these principles. Bring forth every argument you can, and do not cease arguing until your arguments have exhausted themselves. Then you will see the principles still standing before you pristine and untarnished, as shining emblems of eternal Truth."

Pain is not real

Intellectually, I am aware that pain is not real. The body is a manifestation of God's perfection, and God cannot create pain. Nevertheless, as long as we believe in pain, it exists for us, and we will be burdened with its apparent reality.

I mention this because my physical age and condition are such that aches and pains appear to be real with increasing frequency. However, I made an interesting observation today.

I woke up feeling soreness in my lower back. I pampered it as I started my morning, holding myself stiffly so that I would not move the affected muscles more than necessary. Then I got more involved in my daily activity, specifically washing dishes and making breakfast. I noticed that when I focused on one of those activities, I did not notice the ache in my back. Once a task was finished, my attention would return to the pain and I would feel it again.

The thought came to me that pain is only a bodily sensation. One realization that followed this observation was t…

God is everything

There is nothing that is real that is not God. You and I are manifestations of God's creative force. Because God is perfect, you and I are perfect. There is nothing that is real that is not perfect. If we can fully grasp this truth, then everything is possible.

Allow yourself to experience darkness

If you have not known the darkness, how can you lead others through it?

Right Action

Every time you do the right thing makes the next time easier.

Thoughts on revenge

The Teacher said:

The impulse to revenge and striking back is so ingrained in us, that it's hard to believe that it is possible to exist without it. The only way to do so is to be the change you want to see in the world -- practice mindfulness and compassionate connection at all times and in all situations. As humans we will always be at risk of sliding back into the revenge reflex, but if we are aware of what we are thinking and doing, and of what we want to think and do, we have the best chance of sticking to our principles.

The Four Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz are excellent guidelines for life. They are:

Be impeccable with your word.

Don't take anything personally.

Don't make assumptions.

Always do your best.

These principles don't leave much room for revenge!

Nevertheless, it's very hard to avoid the knee jerk reaction to strike back when someone hurts us. All we can do is try, and practice, and be confident that we will get better at it over time. Mindfulness is m…

Don't Believe Me

The Teacher said,

Don't believe anything I tell you about God. Don't believe anything I say about energy, the Universe, or your own Spirit. I don't tell you these things so that you will believe them. My teachings are meant to show you what is possible for you to achieve by your own practice.

When I say to you, "God is Joy", it's no use for you to repeat that over and over unless you are able to experience it yourself. If you practice the meditations I have taught you, if you are able to still the mind for even a second without being distracted by a random thought, then you will know what I'm talking about. You will begin to sense the infinite peace that oneness with the Spirit of the Universe can bring.

When I say to you, "God is Love", you will not understand it unless you practice love and compassion. When you look every stranger in the eye and smile, when you pray sincerely and constantly for God's blessings to rain upon those you f…

I am a sinless child of God

I am a sinless child of God

And I am perfect now.

Repeat this many times a day as a mantra. If you hear a voice in your head denying this, that voice is not you, and it is not God. Therefore, it does not exist, or rather it did not exist until you willed it into being. Although your will created it, you cannot silence this voice by willing it not to be. That would only create conflict and greater disturbance within you. Look deep within yourself until you find the place where it arises. Look deeper still and you will find the buried pain that gives it strength. By understanding this pain, releasing it, and forgiving yourself for any thoughts or deeds that preceded it, you will deny it the force that it needs in order to exist. You will cease to intend to suffer that pain and endure that voice, and they will be no more.

Joy and Truth

A student asked the Teacher, "How is it possible for one to feel happiness when other souls are suffering?"

The Teacher replied, "Compassion does not require that you take another's suffering unto yourself, for doing so does not relieve the other's pain, and simply increases the amount of pain in the Universe. Compassion consists entirely of recognizing and strengthening the connection between souls, and between each individual soul and Spirit. Those connections spontaneously create joy, or rather allow the joy that is always present in Spirit to suffuse throughout the network of souls."

"Therefore, in meditation, do not seek to take over another's pain, but to convey your joy to that other. Recall that pain is not real, but only the result of separation. This is why spiritual connection seems to create joy and remove pain."

"It is not possible for one person to create joy in isolation; for all joy derives ultimately from connection to Spiri…


Ernest Holmes wrote:

"It is only when we have completely forgiven others that we can get a clearance in our minds, for we are judged by the judgment with which we judge. If we criticize, condemn, and censure, these are the attitudes that occupy our thinking, and they will not only reflect themselves outwardly, they will also reflect themselves inwardly."

"If we want a complete clearance of forgiveness, we must give a complete clearance to everyone and everything. Whether we like it or not, this is one of the great truths of life. Not only should we forgive others, but we should equally forgive ourselves and not carry the mistakes of the past into the future."

The phrase, "judge not, lest ye be judged" appears to carry the implication that God reserves the power of judgment unto itself. However, I believe that God does not judge souls, any more than a soul aligned with Spirit judges other souls. I understand the phrase in the context of the power of intention…

Compassion For the Uncompassionate

A student came to the Teacher and asked, "How can I feel compassion for evildoers, and those who feel no compassion themselves?"

The Teacher replied, "There is no being that is not capable of compassion, though some appear to have nothing but hatred or lust in their hearts. Even the cruelest tyrant may behave quite differently with those he loves, such as his children. But that is not the reason for your compassion. Cruelty and avarice are signs of separation. Separation is painful, and the soul that has temporarily lost its ability to connect with Spirit is in a state of constant torment. In its suffering it turns upon itself and upon Spirit, as Spirit is manifested in other souls around it. Like an animal caught in a trap, that may chew off its own foot to escape, such a soul may seek even to destroy itself, but generally succeeds only in bringing itself to the point of maximum suffering. In a misguided attempt to lessen its pain, it drives itself even farther into ch…

A Meditation For Rough Seas

I am a creature of energy. This ship is made of steel and its energy is tightly bound in material form. It has no choice but to resist the waves and fight its way through as best it can. As a result, the passive energy of the ship's hull and the active energy of its engines clash with the energy of the ocean, creating and magnifying disturbing forces.

As pure energy, however, I have the ability to merge synergistically and enthusiastically with the energy of the sea. In meditation, I seek to release all resistance to that energy and to abandon attachment to my rigid material form. I attune myself to the movement of the waves and flow with them, following the course that Spirit has chosen for me, rather than try to fight through on a course of my own choosing.

Like a dolphin riding a powerful ocean current, I add my own energy flow to that of the spiritual sea in which I am immersed. I visualize myself as an aquatic being in harmony with the living energy of the ocean, or sometimes a…


Sometimes when I hear music from my teenage years, or from my young adulthood, I feel sad. Why is that? The explanation that I have always given myself is that I am mourning past mistakes and lost opportunities. At some level I think of the possibilities that lay before me at that age. Something in the depths of my consciousness feels that I have failed, that I have not wound up in the place that I could have been, and that I might have been happier if I had acted differently.

These are false beliefs. At every moment, at every age, I did the best that I could at that time. No doubt I made mistakes, but every soul makes mistakes. I have caused pain, but I swear I never acted with the purpose to do so. I have caused disappointments, but it was not I who created the expectations that were not met. I have not achieved financial security, but that has never been my goal.

If I regret anything, it is that I lived fifty years and more out of touch with Life. Spirit was at hand all those years, …


Procrastination comes from negative emotions that are based on fear. Knowing there is nothing to fear removes the basis for procrastination. When faced with the desire to procrastinate, first clearly identify the task you need to peform. Then visualize the task as completed. Feel the pleasure of having done the best job you can do. In Spirit, all tasks are already complete. Allow Spirit to guide you along the path it has already taken. This does not mean to perform work mindlessly. On the contrary, work is accomplished by being mindful of the voice within you that already knows what to do. The first step is clearly marked before you if you focus on it. When you have taken that step, the next will be just as clear. If you feel stuck or blocked, calm your mind, go within, and wait peacefully for guidance to come.


Recently a beloved family member made his transition. We comforted each other for our loss; some of us also voiced our concern for the one who had passed on.

We the survivors -- not yet face to face with the reality of our own transition -- think of the next life as a misty shadow of this one. We fret that those who make transition will be deprived of the things and the souls that they are leaving, and will find on the other side only the ghostly remnants of those who have gone before them.

I suspect that such pity is misplaced. I would go so far as to say that those who have gone before us must pity our narrow vision of what lies ahead (or, indeed, exists just beyond our perception).

I believe that the truth awaiting us all is that it is this world that is a shadow, this existence that is an illusion. It is said we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We will undoubtedly return from this experience enriched -- why else would we have sought it? But I believe we will also be gr…


A student complained to the Teacher that another had wronged him. The Teacher asked, “How have you been wronged?” The student explained that the other had insulted him, and spread false rumors about his character. The Teacher said thoughtfully, “How do you know it was you who was being insulted and slandered?”

The student looked puzzled. “I told you – he insulted me directly to my face. Then he told the same story to my friends – he used my name.”

“Were these things that he said true?”

“No – of course not. That’s why I am angry at him.”

The teacher smiled. “Sometimes it upsets us more to hear the truth about ourselves than to hear falsehoods. And sometimes another person gives voice to what we secretly fear is true about ourselves. That may be the most upsetting of all.”

“But if these things that were said are not true, then they cannot have been said about you. This person is trying to create another you that is false, to deceive your friends and even you yourself, into accepting this art…

If you would have peace, do only good.


I do only good.
I desire only good.
I release all desires that are unworthy of a child of God.

It seems at first that I am setting an impossible goal for myself. The body and mind have desires that do not promote peace and compassion. Those desires are deeply seated and may never go away.

All I ask of myself, however, is to release any attachment to those desires, and any misconception that appeasing them will bring me greater peace. Those desires create inner turmoil, and attempting to satisfy them would only make the problem worse. The body and mind do not crave happiness, but only distraction. Obeying their desires would not bring happiness, even though they insist that it would. Moreover, it would cause a conflict within me and drive me farther away from peace, not bring me closer.

I do not condemn these desires; on the contrary, I bless and forgive them. But I understand deeply that inner harmony can only be achieved by adopting the good as my only purpose, and acti…

Logic and Truth

Aristotelian logic is like Newtonian physics. It is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the visible, tangible world in which we live. Because it has such power, particularly with respect to thoughts and events we encounter every day, we often forget that logic itself is just a theory -- a working hypothesis. Therefore, when we encounter things that cannot be explained “logically”, we reject them and deny their existence.
Just as quantum physics has disclosed the existence of a level of reality that transcends Newton’s theories – a universe of energy that does not obey the laws he propounded (which many thought were absolute and incontrovertible) -- spiritual thinkers are aware of a world of conscious energy that obeys a logic beyond Aristotle. In this world, miracles are commonplace, and there is no distinction between thoughts and objects or events.
In this world, and only in this world, free will exists. The world of Aristotle and Newton is inherently deterministic, though…


Two students came to the Teacher to announce that they planned to marry, and asked for the Teacher's blessing.

The Teacher smiled and said:

"From this day forward may you sustain one another on the Path."
"May each of you draw strength from the other when you are weak and tired, and each be a fountain of energy for the other when you are strong."
"When one of you loses the Way, and begins to wander, may the other offer a loving, guiding hand."
"If one loses confidence, let the other offer reassurance."
"If one falls into the darkness of self-hatred, let the other be a beacon of revitalizing love."
"May you find that peace and compassion are more readily accessible together than they ever were when you were apart."
"May your love grow unselfishly to encompass all beings, physical and energetic."
"May you jointly cast your light outward to illuminate the Path for others."
"May you each better understand your …

Enduring criticism

Have you ever been criticized or ridiculed for talking about your spiritual experiences? It's hard to conceive how a simple reference to a personal experience of God can stir up such negative expressions, when it is the one concept that unites all religions. It is easier to understand, however, when you have learned about and experienced the conflicts that can arise when truth, which is always positive, meets the negative forces within us that are threatened by it. Whether you believe those forces are generated internally or externally, no one has achieved knowledge of God without overcoming fierce resistance from them. When the negativity comes from others, it is because they are experiencing the struggle within themselves.

If a person is willing to endure that conflict, then he or she has taken the first step on the road to fulfillment and peace. The outward repudiation and denial of the truth is a sign that the inner struggle has begun. Why waste the time to deny what you claim …

Affirmation – The Covenant

I am in love with Life and with this Universe, with every being and every soul within it. I have a covenant with the Universe; a covenant of love. I share the glow of my spirit with everyone and everything that I encounter, and the Universe offers me its glow in return. When I offer the world my soul’s unconditional love, it returns to me burnished and enhanced; the Universe absorbs and retransmits it amplified a hundredfold. There is no limit to the power of this love. It brings me comfort, accomplishment, and joy, just as it contributes to the development of those attributes in those on whom it falls.

I keep this covenant by dismissing all selfishness, all jealousy, and all rancor. The body and the thinking mind urge me to take advantage of the open givingness that my love engenders in the world around me. They want me to hoard the joy the Universe freely offers me, to gather it unto myself and shield it from others. They do not know that love and joy exist only in the measure that t…

Positive Focus

The whole world is a unified field of vibrational energy. That energy is love and the potential for unbounded goodness. The mind can create either joy or suffering from this energy; this is the nature of free will. All things manifest in this Universe, from this energy, contain within them the potential for suffering or for joy. Some minds seek out the potential for suffering and that is what they manifest. This is true whether the mind perceives itself as seeking to create suffering for itself, or as seeking to eliminate suffering. So long as your focus is on the negative aspect, it is that aspect which will manifest. If you seek to eliminate from your experience all things that have a potential for negativity or suffering, then your experience will be impoverished and barren, because that potential exists in all things. Rather seek to manifest the love and joy that are also latent in all things. Then you will experience transcendent pleasure. Place your focus on the potential for po…

Why does energy healing work?

I personally believe that life and the world as we perceive it are myth and metaphor, and that all techniques by which we who believe ourselves to be individuals attempt to influence that which we believe to be "other than ourselves" have validity to the extent we intend them to.

Science has proven beyond contradiction that the world which we perceive through our senses is not the ultimate reality. What we see as solid objects are mostly space; what we suppose to be matter and energy are simply two different ways of looking at the same phenomena; and so on. As illustrated in the popular indie film "What the Bleep do we Know Anyway", there is a startling convergence underway between the cutting edges of physics and spirituality, both of which now accept at least the hypothesis that the Universe is a single unified field of energy.

Our bodies are designed to perceive this energy field in certain ways, and the collective consciousness of all beings on Earth over its his…
God gives you the sea, the ship and the wind. All you're expected to do is steer.
Our greatest duty and our greatest joy is to love one another.
What you see in the world depends upon the lens through which you look.

Creating your physical health

Until very recently I would watch my body closely for any sign of a developing illness or other negative physical condition. As soon as I thought I saw one (uh oh, runny nose!), I would predict the course of the condition (great, next comes the sore throat, then the fever and headache ...) and adopt the mindset of a person who is ill. More often than not, my predictions would come true, and I would be sick and miserable for a week or more.

Religious Science (along with other schools of New Thought) teaches that the Universe sends you what you expect. By treating my body as a seed bed for disease, and predicting the growth of illness in it, I was inviting the creative principle to send me just that.

I no longer allow myself to predict that my body will become ill. I am still mindful of my physical condition; in fact, more mindful than ever. But if I feel a twinge in my body or a tingle in my nose, I do not create in my mind a course of predicted negative consequences for the com…
What you are "now" is what you always have been and always will be. Only your level of awareness of this changes.
God is the combined manifestation of all the souls in the Universe; and all the souls in the Universe comprise the entire manifestation of God.
All the purposes and all the pursuits of humankind can be seen as either seeking God, or avoiding God. To stay on the Path, it is only necessary to be mindful of this at every moment.

The Mind's Self-Importance

Have you ever read a science fiction story about a computer that became self-aware and ran amok? That is what the human mind has done. We evolved the mind as a survival tool. It is an adjunct and outgrowth of our physical bodies. However, once the mind became aware of its own existence, it decided that it was the reason the body existed, not vice versa. The mind has been on an ego trip ever since. It continually creates new excuses for inflating its own importance. The mind does what it can to suppress awareness of Spirit, which existed before bodies and minds and will exist forever after they have passed. When spiritual awareness is able to shine through the smokescreen of endless monkey mind chatter, it shows the mind for the hollow implement that it is.

The mind is like a computer that programs itself into an endless loop. It creates problems so that it can divert attention to itself as the supposed sole source for resolving those problems. It is only necessary to step back into the…