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Religion In Your Face

Pauline tweets:

"[I] wonder why anyone would think it appropriate to close a business letter with 'Have a Resurrected Easter'"

There's a fine line between witnessing for the joy of spiritual experience, and just being obtrusive. To some extent the line is in the mind of the hearer. One who has had an experience of awakening has an almost irrepressible desire to share it. Jesus and Buddha, among other sages, commanded their students to teach.

To be fair to your correspondent, he or she may simply have been inviting you to share a joyful experience. However, there are pitfalls in the urge to immediately broadcast one's experiences. Adyashanti discusses these in his book, The End of Your World. These include the fact that the speaker probably does not fully understand what has happened, or the significance of the experience. In addition, there is a phenomenon Adyashanti calls "ego enlightenment" in which the ego hijacks the experience and seeks to use…


I wear the image of Ganesha every day. In Vedic tradition, Ganesha is the god of overcoming obstacles. A mantra to Ganesha is "Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha." To me, he symbolizes the ability of Spirit to soar above the barriers to Self realization raised by ego. I do not worship an elephant-headed divine being, but I revere the spiritual principle he symbolizes and the mystical tradition to which he belongs.

A Healing Meditation

Click on the title of this post to download this guided meditation as an audio file. Music: Kevin MacLeod.

Find a place where you can sit comfortably for a half hour or so. It is best if you can sit with your feet on the floor and your back relatively straight, but it’s even more important that you be comfortable. If you can, turn off your phone and any other devices that might distract you. You may find it helpful to listen to this recording through headphones. You should keep your eyes closed in order to help you visualize the experience.

Give all your attention to my voice and to following these instructions. Your mind will try to distract you with unrelated thoughts and concerns. Do not pay attention to it. There will be another time for you to deal with those thoughts and concerns. This time is for you, your body, and your soul.

You may experience intense physical and emotional sensations as you participate in this meditation; or you may feel very little. Whatever you feel, i…

Catching cold mindfully

The experience of catching a cold is entirely different in a mindful state. This may be because I become aware of the condition at an early stage, rather than denying it. I think also that the symptoms never become as severe as they likely would if I were not practicing mindfulness. There is a sense that the experience is not happening to me, but only to the body. There is much less egoic attachment to suffering, less tendency to take perverse pleasure in having something to complain of, to feel special about. Ego is not in control, so is not able to direct energy towards intensifying suffering.

In meditation, I open myself to Universal energy just as always. I accept the guidance that Spirit provides to the body as well as the self. I do not ask directly for healing, but for the will of Spirit to manifest in and through me, knowing that will does not support suffering. I do not visualize energy cleansing my body of imperfection, but rather seek to clarify the vision of my self as a p…