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The End Is Simple

All paths to Oneness are blessed. Each of us must find a way to detach from superficial worldliness in order to approach Truth undistracted. However, it is important that the path itself does not become a distraction. Those practices and beliefs that help us find the road less travelled can eventually become encumbrances upon the Way. Be wary of attachments to rites, doctrines and paraphernalia. Spirit's goal is the ultimate simplicity of Oneness in perfect Love. All ritual, all superstition must fall away until one is found nameless and naked before God. At the moment when all differentiation ceases, Oneness becomes the sole point of awareness. Then only does the soul exult in the attainment of pure unity with All That Is, and dissolve in fundamental welcoming Love.
There is nothing you can change about your circumstances or surroundings that will make a lasting improvement in your life. Peace and happiness can only be found within yourself, so if you lack them, it is yourself you must change.