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In the Stillness

In the stillness comes the Beloved,

Whispering wordless ecstasy
to the lonely Self.

Do not hesitate to throw off
your needless garment and embrace her.

She will not betray you
nor leave your yearning unfulfilled.

Though you wander from her bed,

She welcomes your return.

Warm, enfolding, she completes you.

Drink from her endless spring
of joy unbounded.

Discard thoughts of want or loss;

Let fulfillment flow unmeasured.

Eternally faithful, she invites you,

Even as you yearn,

To dance in her arms forever.

Love and Ego

Anything in you that does not love is ego. Anything in another that does not love is ego. So anything between you and another that is unloving or disharmonious proceeds from ego and means nothing. Love the part of each other that is real - which is no part, but the whole being - and disregard the effects of ego totally.