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Don't Believe Me

The Teacher said,

Don't believe anything I tell you about God. Don't believe anything I say about energy, the Universe, or your own Spirit. I don't tell you these things so that you will believe them. My teachings are meant to show you what is possible for you to achieve by your own practice.

When I say to you, "God is Joy", it's no use for you to repeat that over and over unless you are able to experience it yourself. If you practice the meditations I have taught you, if you are able to still the mind for even a second without being distracted by a random thought, then you will know what I'm talking about. You will begin to sense the infinite peace that oneness with the Spirit of the Universe can bring.

When I say to you, "God is Love", you will not understand it unless you practice love and compassion. When you look every stranger in the eye and smile, when you pray sincerely and constantly for God's blessings to rain upon those you f…