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A Hymn For The Season

Sages of many religions have adopted the phrase "Christ Consciousness" to describe the presence of God in all of us. In that spirit, I offer this hymn for the holiday season.

At this time of celebration, I rejoice in the blessings we all share, that are symbolized by the coming of the Christ into this world.

I celebrate the endless birth of Joy in the world and in my heart.

I celebrate the promise of forgiveness.

I celebrate the all-encompassing Love that surpasses our power to understand.

I celebrate the Oneness of all beings in Spirit.

I celebrate the power of Light to triumph over darkness.

I celebrate the immortal Soul that denies the reality of death.

I declare that Christ Consciousness shines in me and in all beings.

I declare that all beings shall unite in Love in this world and all others.

I declare that Peace glows in every heart.

I proclaim the dominion of Love and Light, and banish darkness and hatred from my Universe.

I proclaim the sovereignty of God's healing power.

I …

"I Don't Care"

Followers of spiritual traditions often seek equanimity. We train ourselves not to feel disturbing emotions, or at the very least not to be swayed by them. We may believe that such feelings have their source in the egoic mind or the physical body and that they are distractions that can lead us astray from our spiritual paths. We may envision our life’s goal as the attainment of perfect detachment, subsiding ultimately into a state of pure awareness that is as undisturbed as a still unruffled pool. There are dangers in this approach, however. Detachment should not properly be regarded as an end in itself, but is at most an attitude that may be useful in attaining a more perfect sense of unity with all that is. Avoiding superficial distractions may help us to focus on our fundamental oneness with the Universe, but we must not detach ourselves from Spirit.

The single-minded pursuit of detachment may actually represent a form of egoism. An individual may wind up so withdrawn into him…

Open Your Heart

Don't pray for God to open your heart; that is your job. God will not enter a closed heart.

Visualize your heart as a lotus or rose opening to the sunshine of Universal Love. As its petals unfold, the Love within you shines forth to merge its radiance with that of the Universe. You are bathed and you bathe others with the brilliant, cleansing light of Love, until nothing but Joy and perfect Being remains. There you rest, your soul at peace in the heart of God.