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self awoke

self awoke in darkness,
troubled and alone.
to emptiness spoke desperately,
"make me better!"
silence followed.
from which Self replied,
"you are."

We Are At Choice

Every moment of our lives we are at choice. Mindfulness is essential not only to making right choices, but even to being aware that choice is possible.

Here are some of the fundamental choices we cannot avoid making in our everyday lives --

The choice between acting (or not acting) out of love or out of indifferenceThe choice between giving our best effort, or doing just enough to get byThe choice between cherishing our bodies as temples of Spirit, or trashing them The choice between generosity and miserlinessThe choice between faith and fearThe choice between teamwork and competitionThe choice between openness and isolationThe choice between compassion and hatredThe choice between Spirit and ego
The choice between awareness and denial The choice between Oneness and separationThe choice between mindfulness and unconsciousnessEven saints are human and don't make every choice in the way that brings them closer to Spirit. All that we can ask of ourselves is to remember that every acti…