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Love and spiritual growth

We are all connected by our fundamental Oneness in Spirit. Together we form an intricate web of life energy, and what happens to one part of the web affects other parts. As sentient nodes with free will, each of us can use our connectedness for the benefit or detriment of all.  In particular, we can either support or block the free flow of the healing energy of Love through the channels that connect us to others. Becoming a source and conduit of loving energy benefits the sender and the receiver. Love nourishes the growth of Spirit in the individual, and the more freely it flows, the greater its power to cleanse and brighten the dark corners of the small self and remove obstacles to the flowering of the soul. Love strengthens the bonds between us and helps us understand the importance of the well-being of each individual to the well-being of all.
Ego tries to block the flow of Love because Love is antithetical to its goals. Ego seeks to direct attention to itself to the exclusion of ot…