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A Visit From Elvis

I dreamed I met the spirit of Elvis and he greeted me like a brother. “Man,” he said, “it’s good to see you.”
“I’m honored to see you,” I said, “but please tell me where you have been? What is it like there? Do you know how many people there are on Earth who love you and would like to have you back?”
He laughed an Elvis laugh, throwing back his head with a grin. “I am there, just not in the same way. I never left! It’s just that I am everywhere else too. Everywhere, everywhen – it’s impossible to describe. The Universe is a big, exciting, vibrant state of being.”
I was blown away. Elvis clearly had transitioned to a higher plane. My head swam with visions of flying through space and time, communing with other spirits and with the Divine. What unfathomable mysteries had he experienced since leaving our planet behind? What wisdom could he teach me? What questions could I even ask to begin to tap this unexpected source of spiritual knowledge?
“But can you tell me at least a little about wha…