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Thoughts on the passing of a friend

Whenever someone we know leaves this life, we feel grief. It is difficult to remember at such times that passing is a natural step in our existence as immortal spiritual beings. The human part of us, the body-centered ego, clings to this existence as if it were the only existence we will ever have. Because it cannot see beyond the point at which we separate ourselves from the physical body, it fears death and mourns the loss of others who have passed on as if they had completely ceased to exist.

Poets and seers may describe physical death as discarding a worn garment, but that metaphor is not always helpful to those of us left behind who struggle to accept the immediacy of the inevitable. We know that life is temporary, yet we submerge that knowledge in the busyness of daily existence. Aware in our moments of full consciousness that change is constant - that everything changes in every instant - we nevertheless attach our happiness, our hopes, our very sense of self to people and thing…