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Divine Healing

Divine healing does not require elaborate rituals, esoteric oils or crystals, or intense effort. Have you read any stories of Jesus, Buddha, or another holy person working himself into a frenzy or to exhaustion in order to manifest healing? On the contrary, healing manifests spontaneously in the presence of divine connection. All that it requires is openness and surrender to Source. No shaman or practitioner can induce healing without that connection. This is because healing is the work of Source energy, not something that is produced within the body or mind of the individual healer. The only effort - if it can be called that - required of him or her is to become and remain aware of Oneness with Source and its omnipresent perfection. Healing will then radiate from him or her like the warmth and light of the sun. 

Source itself does not expend energy, because all the energy of the Universe belongs to and remains within Source. Source merely manifests continual perfection, in which we hu…