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This is the thanks I get?

We set ourselves up for needless suffering if we expect gratitude for our good deeds, or if we insist that those who benefit from our actions "deserve" what they receive.  Those expectations are far out of tune with the Universe.

First, both require us to judge others, which we are not qualified to do.  They also evidence an attachment to what "ought" to happen, which prevents us from living in the world and experiencing reality. Both are small-self reactions, the reactions of the small self in us to the behavior of the small self in others.

True generosity proceeds from the higher Self and seeks no reward for sharing material or spiritual gifts.  The higher Self in me is not different from the higher Self in another, even if that other is completely unaware of the existence of the higher Self and its bond with the Universe.  The higher Self acts out of Universal love, attuning itself to the frequency of the vibration that pervades all of Creation and the Uncreated. …