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Ending Xenophobia

Humans seem to have an innate distrust of others who are different. I believe this distrust - called xenophobia - is instinctive and has an evolutionary basis. I also believe that it is a threat to the survival of humanity, and can only be addressed by spiritual means.
Evolution consists of organisms finding new ways to survive and adapt to their environment. These methods are tested by competition, both between species and between members of the same species. Intra-species competition can be just as bloody and brutal as competition between species. For example, males of some species may fight to the death to secure the ability to mate with females. The stronger male will pass his DNA in this way to his offspring, ensuring that the traits that allowed him to defeat his opponent will be available to future generations. I have heard that a male lion who takes over a pride by battle will kill the male cubs sired by the opponent. This seems odd at first if we think of natural selection as …