Living Without Ego

In the preface to "The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi", Arthur Osborne says of the Maharshi's teaching that "those who asked whether they should renounce the life of the world were always discouraged from doing so. Instead they were enjoined to perform their duties in life without self-interest."

What would it be like to go about your daily activities without self-interest? Ultimately the goal must be freedom from the ego. How would life be different without ego? By ego is meant not just egotism, selfishness and the like, but all manifestations of the small self, eventually even the awareness of separateness. Would it really be possible to perform one's duties in life as a pure manifestation of the greater Self that is the Universal manifestation of All That Is?

A beginning would be to simply practice awareness of the presence of ego and its influence on your actions.


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