Mothers Day

Today is a good day to celebrate the Divine Feminine principle, the current of Love that runs through our Universe and infuses it with purpose. Through this principle Spirit manifests as the loving energy that connects all beings in harmony. She is worshipped in many religions, as Devi, and Shakti, the Goddess, Kuan Yin, Mary, and under many other names. She embodies the highest aspirations of the human Spirit. As Mother, she is the giver of Life and the nurturer expressed in each of us at our best. As Sister, she is the source of power and of the energy that sustains and drives us. Without her our souls are drab and barren. As she manifests within beings of any gender, she completes us.

To meditate upon the Divine Feminine, chant a mantra or simply visualize  being suspended in the warmth and security of the loving womb of the Universe. 

Many mantras can be found on YouTube, including


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