The Mind's Self-Importance

Have you ever read a science fiction story about a computer that became self-aware and ran amok? That is what the human mind has done. We evolved the mind as a survival tool. It is an adjunct and outgrowth of our physical bodies. However, once the mind became aware of its own existence, it decided that it was the reason the body existed, not vice versa. The mind has been on an ego trip ever since. It continually creates new excuses for inflating its own importance. The mind does what it can to suppress awareness of Spirit, which existed before bodies and minds and will exist forever after they have passed. When spiritual awareness is able to shine through the smokescreen of endless monkey mind chatter, it shows the mind for the hollow implement that it is.

The mind is like a computer that programs itself into an endless loop. It creates problems so that it can divert attention to itself as the supposed sole source for resolving those problems. It is only necessary to step back into the point of view of Spirit to see such issues as mere word games. Spirit has no need of words, and is not troubled by verbal paradoxes. Spirit is aware already that mind is a limited tool, and is no more than amused when mind points to itself and says, "See how important I am, I have created a problem even I cannot solve!" Spirit is aware that problems do not exist until they are created by mind.

If you find yourself asking, "What am I if I am not my mind?" you are in a state of unconsciousness. This is where meditation comes in. Once a person falls into unconsciousness, it is only through meditation that Spirit can become conscious of itself again. When the mind is still -- or when you can detach your awareness from mind -- and you realize that what is essentially you exists as the observer, then you will have the answer to the question.


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